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Thread: How to hide the border of table row when using colspan

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    How to hide the border of table row when using colspan

    I have a code below in html format.

    int l_field_num = 5;

    if (sys_l_b_tot != 0)
    str = str + "<TR><TD COLSPAN=" + Convert.ToString(l_field_num) + " ALIGN=\"RIGHT\"><B> Total:</B> " + sys_l_b_tot.ToString("C") + "</TD></TR>";

    My problem is that when ever I display the above code in the web site its showing the entire row with border ...now I don't want border.

    how can I remove border ...Any help...

    Any properties for colspan to hide the border...

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    My guess is the border is set on the table element ... not the TR or TD. Where's the code or markup for the start of the table?
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    You should not be using obsolete HTML styling like "align" or "border". This is a CSS issue. Thread moved. Look up the CSS text-align and border properties to see how to set them up. For further info, see the CSS Table tutorial...
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