We are creating a web hosting providing website/company.
If you are familiar with web hosting then you will definitely know about support forum.

We need an Admin to administrate our web hosting support forum.
You can earn by hosting adverts on forum.

1.Forum software - phpBB3
2.Using premium theme

Your Responsibilities and Works:-
1.You need to be an active admin i.e; daily full survey of forum atleast two times.
2.You have to make forum rules, guidelines,announcements, control spaming, etc.
3.You can add more categories and anything.
4.You are allowed to do anything but if its a big change then you have to discuss with us.

Website: http://www.kickasshost.cf

note:- we are in development state.
and launching our hosting service soon..

thanks for reading..
and dont forget you can earn money very easily by Adverts and affiliates or sponsored ads.