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Thread: I need some applets any ideas?

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    Question I need some applets any ideas?

    First of all let me explain my situation. I am on evil ad monster angelfire but I want the link bar that I will have on ever page to only need to be updated one time. If I were to use an Iframe I would need to use pop up ads and I would get two pop ups because two pages are showing at one time. So I thought maybe an external java script file where I can use the src feature of the tag would be at my advantage. How would I make a link bar in java script so I can place it in a table cell. Maybe an applet (please ignore spelling errors by the way). One suggestion I got was use shtml. That I know nothing about but if someone is willing to put some code below and I can just easily copy and and then add stuf what the heck. You can see where I want this at www.barbaricsoftware.2ya.com . The link section.

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    Do not use an iframe. They only work in IE. Use frames. That would be your best solution. If it only needs to be updated once you could use JavaScript.

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    Originally posted by Zach Elfers
    Do not use an iframe. They only work in IE. Use frames.
    Actually they work in NS 6+ and Opera too. It was NS 4.x that didn't support them. As long as you put text inbetween the iframe tags, linking to the file that is supposed to be there it is OK to use them.

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    I dont want any frames did you miss the point of my message?

    I dont want any window objects. If I used a frame it would have to be an I frame because I dont want the whole side of my page to be taken over I just want a little box. If you look at my site BarbaricSoftware You will see the link menu I want some sort of external file for those links. Some object. I know the applet is an html tag but cant I use the tag to put the applet there or something. Can I make me link menu with applets or should I go with java script and do some writeln stuff. I dont want a windo object zach because I would have to convert to pop up ads like I said in my last post. I HATE POP UP ADS. Is there any easy way to do what I want to do or would it be simpler to just update every page every time someone wants to trade links

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    I dont know the anything about ssi/shtml wichever name you choose to coall it but I just want to do it the most efficient way I can. I was enitially thinking applet how would I go about making one? If shtml is easyer and a lot of browsers can display it then Ill go with that

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    To use an applet you have to know Java, not JavaScript. It would be easier to figure out how to do it using JavaScript, and/or shtml pages if you have any background in JavaScript than learning Java from scratch. Plus, I think using an applet would be overkill at this point.

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    so your saying an applet would be something for next year when I take an ap cource on java next year? I just dont know how the heck I would do it in java script. If I could find a place that would store an Iframe ad free Id be set maybe some little crapper web host that only offers 1 meg and 30 or bandwidth because thats all I would need. So.. How would I go about making this thing with java script. Any bright ideas?

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    everyone got tired of my question so no one replys lol. Im stubborn want to stick with applets right? Well Ill just do it the easy way and update everypage everylink i add

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    Originally posted by Rick Bull
    Actually they work in NS 6+ and Opera too. It was NS 4.x that didn't support them. As long as you put text inbetween the iframe tags, linking to the file that is supposed to be there it is OK to use them.

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    Define link bar. Are you talking you the links at the bottom of your page, or the ones in the area of where you link to Homestarrunner? How I do links for my sites is by creating a link page and having a link to that page. When I need to update my links, I only need to update that page. I would look into seeing if you can use SSI at your web host. If not, the JavaScript for it should be fairly straight forward. Granted 11% of the net have JavaScript disabled.

    Not that you asked, but your page loads really slow. Yes, I have a 56K connection speed, but so do most people. Your menu that switches the images when somebody does a hover is also really slow. So much so it seems kind of pointless. I personally wouldn't create a menu of 12 links and create an image for every single one. Why are you using a frameset? I don't see any reason why you have to. And your site does not look the best at 800X600. I have to scroll back and forth to get the whole page. It does look good at 1400X1050(my default), but most people use 800X600. For overall looks, I would trim the Barbaric Software image way down. It dominates too much of the page. This when I'm looking at it at 1400X1050. Let's not even talk about 800X600.

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    I am 56k 2

    I am also a 56k user and guess what that load time is nothing. I wanted to make tha cache screen just for that reason but it never worked so I give up. 800 by 600 is fine its a matter of opinion really. I like it at 800 by 600 but if it makes everyone happy I wont have a best viewed x by x part. I like the banner and I am definanly not going to change that. I want it to completly cover the top go from side to side but everything has to be in propotion and I have gotten comments about the banner and I am not ready to change it yet. When I say link bar I mean that home star runner area. I dont want a link ppage because I want the links on every page and I just dont like having a whole page devoted t links. Its just not my style. Bottum line is I am going to keep my layout I just dont want to have to update a million things while doing it. Just because the users browser doesnt support java script doesnt mess up the whole page anyway. The link area would not be there and the last update area. I also have a secondary nav at the botum if worst comes to worst. What do you mean frameset? Its probably angelfire with their add codes I might not have deleted something.

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    You can look at the attached file to see what all I did, but basically I just used JavaScript to create the whole area where you are putting the menu at. The following script tag should be all you need to add the JavaScript externally. Beyond making sure the JavaScript file is in the correct area, and making sure to save the attached file with a .js extension.

    <script src="linkbar.js"></script>

    About the framset thing, go to your website and do a view source.

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    Incase the file didn't attach before

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