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Thread: How to find values in array

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    How to find values in array

    They use IE 8 here, so I can't use indexOf. I need to seach for a value in a multidimential array. How can I do this

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    1. Is the search limited to 2D arrays or should it work for more intricate arrays of whatever number of Dimensions?

    2. Do you want the results to list all matches in the array or just a match?

    3. If just a match, does the order in which it occurs in the array matter?

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    indexOf() certainly does work, my MSIE browser is version 8, you must be doing something wrong.

    var str="CSMTestPWXListinerService,CSMTestPWXListinerService_ManualyAdded";
    returns LOG:25 in my IE8 Console Log
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    It could have quite a few dimensions

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    You haven't really specified what this is supposed to do other than the fact it can be an N-D array. This may not be what you want, but here it is. The function returns true if the requested is present in the array and false if it isn't. The number of dimensions in the array or their symmetry is immaterial.

    function isThere(arr, sought){
        var len, list, holder, flag;
        if(!Array['mark']){  //we have to be able to ID arrays from object-objects
    	Array.prototype.mark = true;
        holder = arr;
    	flag = false;
    	list = holder;
    	holder = [];
    	len = list.length;
    	    if(list[len]['mark']){  //if its an array
    		holder = holder.concat(list[len]); 
    		flag = true;
    	    if(list[len] === sought){  //the value does occur in the array
    		return true;  
        } while(flag);
        return false;
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