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Thread: Best VideoScipt for Wordpress - Need some help.

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    Best VideoScipt for Wordpress - Need some help.


    This is my first post at this forum! So first I want to say Hello to everyone! (Don't know if are some area where I can introduce myself).

    So let's start:

    - I have a project, a VideoSharing web based service. But unfortunately i don't have the knowledge to create all the project from the beginning.

    At this point, I have a hosting service (VPS) with a provisory domain (i can't find at this moment the best name for the service, because all the names are currently registed).

    It's a basic service, to project the final result, but i need to test it and see if all is working properly before public launch, so I have a long journey until the final project.

    At this moment I'm using an CMS to integrate the "script", it's Wordpress.

    I need you're help to find the best VideoSharing script to use alongside Wordpress. Actually I see many, but can't decide which use.

    At this first stage I need to control everything at the backstage.

    - Need to specify the maximum time of the uploaded video (not the size but the running time);
    - Need to have voting system (Like or Dislike) for each video, that realizes one number based on the votes, eg, a scale from 0 to 10;
    - The player needs to show the video using HTLM5, not Flash or Silverlight;
    - Need security, may not be a direct possibility of suffering an attack that eliminates data server (Okay, I understand that this point can be complicated to ensure);

    I have much more to say but to start I think that is the basic.

    Based on this info, wich VideoSharing script is better? This is the question.

    To explain:

    The VideoSharing is not a new thing on the market, i know that!

    The idea behind this project is the core of utility to the user.

    I can't patent an idea, so this is a problem, because anyone can copy the main idea, and build a better product, so legally I don't know what I can do :/

    I have an instutional investor that like the idea, but I only receive the money after prove the potencial of the service. With real numbers, not virtual spectations.

    Based on this, someone can help me? Give some advice... I know that nobody have an obligation to help me.

    To finish, sorry for the bad English


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    You are reinventing the wheel.

    the number of sites doing this service are 10 a penny. You would be better off making a site where people can embed their youtube, vimeo, bambuser videos and have your comments, likes and dislikes, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by \\.\ View Post
    You are reinventing the wheel.

    the number of sites doing this service are 10 a penny. You would be better off making a site where people can embed their youtube, vimeo, bambuser videos and have your comments, likes and dislikes, etc.

    Thank you for you're help.

    Like I said, i know that the videosharing web portal it's not a new idea, the idea itself is everything but really is not new on the market. I think that at this point everyone agree.

    I see 2 pros with the advisement that you give to me:

    - People don't need to do the upload to my service, so can use services really realiable and very known in any part of globe;

    - If they insert/share the link from the original location of the video i don't really need to ensure the same bandwitch that i need if the media streaming have a source from "my" service.

    I understant that is the most realible solution from the technical and financial (short/medium term) that i can get. And I really apreciate you're sugetion!

    The main problem of this, is the legal point ... When we sign a service, usually we need to accept and agreement, so if I change the agreement to the upload user the project itself from the legal and conjectural point, I lost any possibility to ensure what was planned. I mean, with this change the core idea from legal point is completely lost.

    So, there are some middle option between the original idea and you're idea (relative to the media upload)?

    I don't know if I explain from the better perspective, :/



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