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Thread: Dev and Production Site Syncronization

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    Dev and Production Site Syncronization

    hey, wow been so long i haven't visit this forum but hopefully some one would have intake on what im looking for

    Im trying to figure out solution for safe development for continuously improving site. So i have Production site, i want to have development and MergeTest site running say on subdaomain. All work is done on Dev box then we copy current state of production to Merge Box, then we try to update Dev code and database to e Merge box if after update merge box is not showing any issues we run same update on production server.

    I think that's reasonable deployment solution but i have no idea how to make it happen (i mean automate it)

    Im running LAMP environment.

    Any ideas?

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    I guess you can use Fabric. It's awesome deploy program.
    You need to write a script first. Then you can execute for example like this:
    fab deploy dev - this will upload your dev version of the site to subdomain
    fab deploy MergeTest - this will update your dev version to MergeTest
    fab deploy production - this can upload your site to production.

    Also you can execute some tests before or after fab deploy MergeTest. Fabric is very flexible and has a good documentation. I hope you'll like it.

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    tnx a lot i will check out that project

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    If you write your SQL statements for your development database (which are, I imagine, series of DDL instructions such as CREATE, ALTER and DROP), why don't you keep track of them by recording them in a table, with a "version" index? You will then be able to:

    track your version changes
    make a small routine allowing the "automatic" update of your production database by sending the recorded instructions to the database.

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    as to database, if thas done manually then there is a degree of error that can be produced by one of the programmer forgetting to log the change of the structure

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