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Thread: best image editor for web development?

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    best image editor for web development?

    we all use photoshop during web development. is there a better software? i have still haven't learnt to use photoshop so i want to know if any better than photoshop is available so that i can learn the better one rather than learning photoshop first and than going for the better.

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    Free editors: http://www.techradar.com/news/softwa...ld-try-1135489

    People rave about GIMP but having used it myself I don't rate it as one of the best as it has some elements of processing that really don't match its function name like one of the resize functions only resizes the image and not the canvas it is part of... really dumb.

    I use Irfanview allot for image processing, it really does make the smallest size images in file size which is important to web viewing and load times.
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    hey thanks a lot for the useful information

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    Photoshop or illustrator both awesome image editing softwares.

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