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Thread: Creating Custom CMS

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    Creating Custom CMS

    Hello everybody. I was asked to create a CMS on my own in order to develop a website. I am aware of the existence of Wordpress and Joomla.Is there a tutorial on the Internet?or some general guidelines for creating a custom CMS? Thanks in advance.

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    Hello DB,

    The internet has an infinity source of how-to's and tutorials on just about anything. Perhaps other responses will be more useful, but I found this to be of interest or at the least, catchy title...

    Build a CMS in an Afternoon with PHP and MySQL

    I've never had to build a cms cutom site, is there a particular "custom" feature not allowed by Wordpress, Drupal or other similar?

    What’s So Hard About Building A CMS?

    One last thought:

    Top 10 Most Usable Content Management Systems

    Cheers and happy trails.

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    The method used is really dependent upon the final use for your project. If you want something that is going to be scaleable and adaptable to larger and larger amounts of contact data and be searchable to deliver new information to the user in unforeseen ways, I would go with a properly written HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery (Wordpress).

    That would provide you with the flexibility to also have a CMS system that could be accessed by a wide range (PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone) without reinventing the wheel. Also Admin, front end and backend tools have already been developed. What ever you chose, have fun.

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    I've got $5 that says this is for a school project (which is why he has to "create a CMS on his own").

    As the others have described, you'll want to search Google for things like "build a cms." I'd focus on using PHP/MySQL simply because there are more resources out there for that combo.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the help! I used the tutorial: Build a CMS in an Afternoon with PHP and MySQL.Indeed the project is for educational purposes.

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