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Thread: Need Reviews

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    Need Reviews

    Hi Mate,

    Before some days we have done new Project with this domain softreg.net/ ,We have need your reviews and suggestions about this project because every time our team Followed ideas and suggestions of Web Developer Community members.Our Team reviews and point of views better about this community thanks in advance.
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    Why is it so slow loading???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    Why is it so slow loading???
    3 megabytes in 60+ files, 735k of that being scripting in 11 files, 82k of that being CSS in 7 files... and 34k of your typical "I can haz intarnets" turdpress markup for 3.5k of plaintext and a dozen and a half content images. That's why.

    Much less the lack of image optimization, like 1.7 MEGABYTES stemming from this single file:

    So yeah, slow. It's also inaccessible rubbish from a layout perspective with the broken attempt at responsive layout (say hello bootcrap) and the goofy "menu for mobile" scripttardery that makes menus harder to use on mobile.

    Basically, just another cookie cutter Wordpress website with everything I've come to expect from people who don't know enough about the web to be having a website in the first place. *YAWN*

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