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Thread: SQL Query returning to many results

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    SQL Query returning to many results

    Hello, I have a query where I am attempting to find records where a certain string appears in a given text field. For some reason, the below query returns multiple results when only a single record should be returned, and as part of the result set, it lists the same comment for every program. for some reason my
    WHERE programComments.comment LIKE '%earth%'
    filter is not working.

    SELECT programs.*, programComments.* FROM programs INNER JOIN programComments ON programComments.commentBy = programs.programManager WHERE programComments.comment LIKE '%earth%'
    Any help is appreciated

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    It's hard to be sure without understanding your data schema, but I suspect it's the nature of the inner join: you will get a result row for every matching join between the two tables (i.e.: every match for the ON clause). How to solve that will depend on exactly what you are trying to do and the actual data structure -- perhaps only selecting the exact fields you need (instead of "*") and using a DISTINCT would do the trick, but that's pure speculation at this point.
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