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Thread: .eu when?

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    .eu when?

    Does anyone know when .eu is going to make its long overdue appearance? There's gold in them there hills you know.

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    honestly never heard of 'em, don't like to keep track of all the domain endings.

    did a little research and sources say the end of 2002 marked the beginning, so the end was?? (the end of 2002?)

    i never was linked to one of these domains, so obviously the domain hasn't started to appear too often yet, not sure why?

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    I would recommend keeping an eye on .eu as its the domain for the whole of Europe. Even if you're not European you may still be able to land a cream of a domain and sell it on for bundles. Yes I know its naughty but it's a dog eat dog world and if you don't steal it a bleeding corporation will.

    It's been in the pipeline for years but I really don't know what's happened to it.

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    "Depending on the rate of progress on these issues, .eu is expected to be operational towards the end of the year."

    European Commission Information Society
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