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Thread: Image resizing to accomodate screen resolution - good idea?

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    Image resizing to accomodate screen resolution - good idea?

    Ok, so I have come home to visit my parents for the weekend, only to see how terrible my webpage looks in a 1400x1050 resolution. I was so disturbed that instead of waiting to get back to my own pc, I modified my css from within the freewebs editing. Now at least my page adjust to percentages. However, my picture does not. What should I do about this problem? I could reset everything to appear at the center (like this, and many of your sites), but I would like to utilize the entire screen across resolutions. How can I do this without making the pictures look distorted (stretched)? Should I set the container height to be percentage based, and how? Thanks.


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    center that image, or make it fade or make the color of the div the same as the iamge. Or you could make the site static, www.clanknights.vze.com (the layout will change in the near future) has an image that is left aligned but see how the back color of the div is the same as the image?

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