Hey all,

I have a simple script that sends an email to a couple of people. I have had it running for a year or two without any issues but all of a sudden it seems to have stopped working (no idea why). After searching and testing I found that it is much easier/better to use something like SwiftMailer if you have html emails. So I set that up and am still having the same issue..
If I have the following in the email content, it works fine:
PHP Code:
$mailContent "Click <a href='http://mywebsite.com'>here</a> to go to a website"
But if I make that :
PHP Code:
$mailContent "Click <a href='http://mywebsite.com/page'>here</a> to go to a website"
I never get the email.. Maybe this is a problem with me receiving the email rather than how it sends (ie my gmail blocks it?).. but it doesn't make any sense to me. Any ideas as to what is causing it and how to fix it?