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Thread: reading a file w/o permission

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    reading a file w/o permission

    is there any way to read a file owned by root? I have a file that is updated automatically and it's owned by root with no access for anyone else, but i want to display it's contents on a php document... is there any way other than chmodding it every time?
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    You will probably need to get root to do a chmod 644 or similar (giving the read permission to all) so that PHP can read the file. Any means of bypassing normal security restrictions through PHP is a serious bug. If necessary, you could perhaps get a shell script to run the chmod at appropriate times.

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    Adam is right, however if it's not a php file, you could access the file with an http connection just by using file_get_contents() (4.3.3) or file/fopen() using the web address.

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