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ThrowLite Back-End Development API

ThrowLite is a simplified back-end management system written in PHP. Setting it up is as simple as editing some settings in the "settings.php" file. The system itself gives developers simplified and manageable access to the following: Simplified user management across the entire system, a built in private messaging system, the ability to use an external mail server for the email system, integrated user blogs, an integrated news posting system, an integrated event system, customizable system logging, as well as full code documentation and more.[/i]

Hi all, I've been working on a light back end for smaller websites, written in php. It would simplify a lot of common tasks for people, and make the creation of a website from scratch a lot easier. The system is still incomplete, and has a lot of work to be done to it. For example, I've yet to implement prepared statements, it's still using mysqli_real_escape_string, but that's one thing that will be fixed in future updates.

What I'm asking today is what some features you might like to see in the system would be. You can view all of it's current features (albeit incomplete ones) at It's github page.

If you'd like to see an example of how the end user would use it, here is a really simple example of image manipulation:

    include_once 'ThrowLite.php';

        //Do Upload
        $imageResult = LiteImage::GetImage("myFile");

        if($imageResult === 2)  echo "Image size too large"; 
        else if($imageResult === 3) echo "Supplied file is not an image";
        else if($imageResult === 4) echo "Image file corrupted";
        else if($imageResult == null) echo "No file found at supplied index";
        else $imageResult->ShowImage(); //No code can be executed past this statement, and no HTML can be displayed before it.

            <form action="?upload" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
                 File: <input type='file' name='myFile' />
                 <input type='submit' value='Upload!' />
(You can read more about the image manipulation system here: https://github.com/thefiscster510/Th...e-Manipulation

There is also a lot of stuff available on the wiki located here: https://github.com/thefiscster510/Th...e-Manipulation The wiki is currently incomplete as well, like I said the system is still currently under development.

Again, All I'm looking for is what you'd like to see in a system like this. And if you or someone you know might benefit from a system like this. I'd also love constructive criticism on the system, as it is still very early in it's development.

If you've somehow missed it, you can find the system's source code here:

Thanks a lot for your time :)