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Thread: resolution and lettersize

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    resolution and lettersize

    I do not knwow if I must put this question here but lets try.

    My computer has got this sizes:

    lettersize: 96 dpi
    window resolution: 800x600

    So I build my homepage with that lettersize and resolution.

    But when somebody else visit my page with another resoltion (1024x768) or another lettersize (128 dpi) some scripts that will show letters do not work 100% (they are to big or to small).

    Is there a way that everybody who visit my page can do that with the same reslution and dpi as I build my page.

    example this is a part of my page


    you see the time and date in the yellow part (just as I like)
    but when I visit this page at another place it has got bigger letters so it came out of the yellow part.

    What to do????

    Greetings Robert de Kort

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    Wrong mindset.
    You do not think about how you can make everybody view your page with the same settings you have, but rather how you can make your page viewable with whatever setting the visitor might have.

    Working web site is not the one that looks the same in a few graphical browsers, but the one that adequately delivers its content to any device accessing it.

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