I'm hoping to get some advice and maybe a link to a good tutorial that will help me figure this project out.

I currently have a scraper (Visual Web Ripper) setup successfully that is scraping real estate information on multiple properties twice a day. It grabs a dozen or so fields and multiple pictures for each property. This data is successfully exported automatically to a MySQL database. It sets up two tables, one for all the property fields and another for the BLOB images. I've now read that BLOB images are not the way to go and that I should store the images in the file system. And that I should still store the URL in the MySQL database.

This is where i get stuck. I've searched for hours trying to find a simple tutorial, but can't. Can anyone recommend one? How do I go about saving the images to the filesystem and how do I structure the directories and such?

Thanks for any help or to point me in the right direction.