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Thread: NS4 anchor references not working

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    NS4 anchor references not working

    I have noticed that in NS4 the link may not work if located w/in a positioned <div> w/ the left edge set to some value other than 0px. For instance, if the left was set to 60px, NS4 would give me the finger about 60px left of the actual link. I solved the problem by specifying different <div> properties for NS4 from all other browsers.

    However, I am having a similar problem w/ the anchor in NS 4 where I get the finger over about 85% of the link, but not the entire link. Once the page is refreshed, I get the finger over about 20% of the link. Clearing out the browser memory and disk cache does not help. If the browser is closed and reopened, I'm back to 85% link coverage. The links are located inside of a <td> and are written w/ JavaScript (simple document.write stuff).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    NS 4 has had problems with mixing tables, layers and hyperlinks for ever. I have not been able to find a fix or a workaround myself, and I do not expect NS will be working on a fix either. It is as if the link action is relative and the link appearance is absolute.

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    I think you've got two choices.

    1. Mark up your page so it doesn't matter then hide the offending CSS rules from NS4 by @importing them.

    2. Since NS4 is giving you the finger at inappropriate times, return the favor and get your customer to upgrade to a browser that actually understands CSS.

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    This isn't a css problem. I am testing for ns4 before loading the css sheets so NS4 is only seeing the NS4 style sheet. I don't have control over the clients browser, but they have upgraded to IE 6. However, the client requires that all pages work in NS4.

    I don't really expect to fix this, but need an explanation to put on my FAQ Technical Support page. I think Gil's explanation will do. Thanks all.


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