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Thread: Transferring DMOZ site URL to a new One

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    Transferring DMOZ site URL to a new One

    The cpinteract.com site has been listed on the DMOZ under '2 Years College.'

    I have another site, norwalkcity.com, which is a site for the City of Norwalk. The cpinteract which is a college site - is located in Norwalk city so I would like to move all contents of cpinteract to norwalkcity.com.

    If I do this, could I apply norwalkcity.com for '2 Years College' under DMOZ directory? The norwalkcity.com focuses on two things: the norwalk city and the cerritos college.

    Hope it all makes sense.

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    Hi iKwak,

    If you would like to converge the two sites, I'd suggest submitting norwalkcity.com to it's proper DMOZ catagory and have it listed that way.

    Then I'd simply upload a simple redirect page at your cpinteract.com site that states the site has moved, give brief information regarding the Cerritos college and a link to the new location for the site at norwalkcity.com, such as "http://norwalkcity.com/cpinteract/" or however you like.

    Then simply leave the cpinteract.com site alone as the redirect. This way, anybody who searches out the Cerritos College lands at the cpinteract.com site and they are simply lead to it's new location at norwalkcity.com

    Hope that helps,

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    also, the mod of each dmoz category listed at the bottom of the pages (i believe), you could contact them or resubmitt your site with a note that the url is being updated.

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