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Thread: active directory - member.name and others

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    active directory - member.name and others

    I've got script ...

    Dim Dom
    Dim Group
    Dim Member
    Dim strOutput
    Set Domain = GetObject("WinNT://" & strDomainName) 
    Set Group = GetObject("WinNT://" & strDomainName & "/" & strGroupName)
    For Each Member in Group.Members   
    	If (Left(Member.Parent,8) = "WinNT://") then
    		strOutput = Member.name
    	Elseif Left(Member.Parent,7) = "LDAP://" then
     		strOutput = strOutput & Domain.Name & "," &  GroupName & "," &_
    			Mid(Member.Parent,8,Len(Member.Parent)-7) &_
    			"\" & Member.Name &"," & Member.Class
     	Elseif (Left(Member.Parent,8) = Null) then
     	    strOutput = strOutput & Domain.Name & "," &  GroupName & "," &_
     	        Member.Name &"," & Member.Class 
     	End If
            response.write "<p>" & strOutput & "</p>"
    that goes in and gives me a list of all the users in an active directory i've got. Fantastic! THe only problem is, I only know how to get to member.name and member.class. Is there a listing somewhere of all the other elements? For example, I'd like to extract First name and last name, telephone number etc etc.

    Can that sort of thing be done in this way or is it back to the drawing board?

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    hi jpmoriarty,
    never had to do anything with Active Directory, but if you fail to get an answer through this forum i would post it on:


    hope this helps

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    i've not - but i wouldnt really know how to do it anyway! I also have a sneaky suspicion that fullname, name and description are the only properties that i can obtain this way - if i want more then i have to head down the LDAP route.

    Can anyone verify (or deny) this? Is there somethign else (other than member.xxx) that I can use to access teh other AD variables?

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