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Thread: Need confirmation when order is placed

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    Need confirmation when order is placed

    It was suggested, in the "Javascript" forum, that I post my question to "Perl" or "PHP".

    Is there a script which can be added to an order form that will notify me (an affiliate at a different location) that an order has been placed.

    I am not really interested in a duplicate copy of the order.
    I just want to know when a sale is made.
    Also, I would like to follow up with a "Thank You" e-mail to the customer.

    I don't know if this makes sense to anyone.
    If you understand what I'm trying to do , please respond.
    Thank you

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    I'm not sure how the rest of your shopping cart works, but what you'll want to do as find out when the final checkout button submits to (if you can't figure that out, post a link and one of us will). Once you have that, post the extension of that file, and we'll point you in the right direction.

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    It's not a shopping cart.

    I'm an affiliate salesperson.(Commission Sales)
    I have several little websites which promote other people's products.

    I'm willing to host all the Product Advertising, up to and including the Order Page.

    I'm interested in adding something to that Order Page which will notify me when an order is actualy placed and/or allow me to send the customer a Thank You Note (with links to other products which may be of interest to him.)

    Again. I hope someone understands what I'm trying to do.
    In my head it makes sense. I don't know about anyone else.

    Thank You

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    When the form is submitted, have 2 emails sent from the server.

    One to you, and one to the customer.

    If you havent aquired the skill to write an email script, there are detailed CGI scripts at www.hotscripts.com


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    I'm a novice. I can cut and paste codes but thats about it.

    I went to "Hotscripts.com" (Thank you for the link) but was not able to find the script you refered to. If you could be more specific it would help.

    you stated "....have 2 emails sent from the server."

    If by "server" you are refering to my Website....then yes, this is what I want.

    If by "server" you mean the sellers Website where the order is sent...then that won't do. I have no control over it there.

    I'm very new at all this and don't know what I'm doing half the time.

    On one of my websites, I've put a sample the type of order/signup form to which I would like to add the "Thank You/Advertising" script.
    You can view it at: http://pic-trading.com/sample.html


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