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Thread: java code into HTML

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    java code into HTML

    Ok heres the situation,
    I wrote an ATM program from Java and it works when I run it from the dos prompt. I was wondering if there was any way to plug the java code into HTML so I can make it seem like a website. I have Frontpage 2000 and Homesite 4.5 and of course the atm javacode.

    for example the homepage can be where you login in with your account # and pin # and the rest of the website can be linked together by way of the javacode

    Please help, any info you can spare would be much appreciated

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    Actually, I am learning Java myself. I am LEARNING, lol. What you need is an applet. You will also need a Java compiler to make the changes to your code. To make your script an applet, you will need to make many changes. Applets are much more complicated than regular Java applications. I would HIGHLY suggest you get someone who knows Java to change it for you. If your script is simple, you might be able to change it to an applet by putting:

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.applet.*;
    import java.Graphics.*;

    To write the text you would need to use the g.drawString functions and paint(), etc. I am no expert, and what I told you might not work, so before changing it, copy it incase something bad happens to it when you make the changes. I wouldn't try it if I didn't no the basics of Java.

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    Re: Re: java code into HTML

    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    the HTML APPLET tag is used to serve up the program in a web browser.
    Actually it's highly recomended that you DON'T use <applet> but instead use <object>.

    You can read about Objects here
    // Stefan Huszics

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