My Team and I purchased our own custom chat room from to host on our Wordpress blog at (/chatLogin.php)

it was installed and has some bugs but I AM trying my best, which is limited, to make minor aesthetic alterations.

The Goal:

To create a new window(or container) in the chatroom that has the youtube iframe player embedded in it.
Functions: for chat users to search youtube video database and play videos.
attach admin priviledges to abilities to play video.

Seeking help for:

1- Understanding how to implement the IFrame player from YouTube (I made my product and APIs in google/developers but the instructions are a bit out of my league.)

2- creating the container that will play this

Any help or guidance is appreciated. I don't suppose it's possible to hire someone for their time without dropping lots of money, we are a non-profit and don't have much.
Thanks in advance,