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Thread: Please review my blog site

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    Please review my blog site


    It's very a very simple blog~

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    Well it is a very simple design indeed, but I don't think it's a bad thing, especially since it is a blog about technical stuff, not fashion. However, I would recommend having some logo image at the top left corner. Or style the name of the blog slightly differently - maybe use some colour or a bit more fancy font. It would make a huge difference.

    Also, I would make the titles of the blog posts bigger - now it is hard to see where the old post ends and the new one begins if you scroll quite fast - many people will do that.

    Also, add more space between the footer links ("Subscribe...", sitemap etc.), because now they appear as one long sentence.

    The structure of the text is not easy to read, I would recommend using bold or underline more, add some subheadings, so that people can scan the text easily to find what they need instead of reading from A to Z.

    Hope it helps.

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    Interesting use of a domain name, but I think it's too early for you to put AdSense on the site. You should wait until you have more visitors.

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    It's too simple, I think you should try making your blogging website better.

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    +1 to what hiitsme said.

    Also, since your site is a wall-of-text type of site, readability is supremely important. Your current font-size is 13px, which is a bit on the small side.

    The main problem is that the site isn't responsive.

    Adding a bit of interest to the site via a subtle image or colour also would make it appear more interesting, but that's a personal preference. If you do decide to do something like that, you don't need to do anything very bold, because the topic of your site doesn't really need it.

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    The site is too plain. If pagespeed was your only concern, then A+. But I find it very hard to WANT to read it. The font is too small. Also are than any images you could add to make it a little more user friendly.

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    Having a plain website isn't bad but doing plain wrong is bad. For the topic of your website however, being plain is perfect.

    Consider using off whites and off blacks. But you need to use some colour that makes it "pop". Maybe making the first letter of your blog past titles a different colour is an idea?

    Consider a large graphic at the top of each post you make, kind of the key photograph for the post or whatever.

    Maybe your header should be fluid instead of fixed. You could make the header spread across the top, and give it a parallax-style background image. Very easy to setup using background-position .

    Add this code to your search input:
    input {
        outline: none; 
    This will stop a horrible outline on some browsers.

    Ads can ruin it, be careful with ad placement.

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