Dear Team,

I have developed the tool which tracks the keyword positions in Google based on the country selected.

I need to check the keywords based on the city.

For eg. I want to check weather my site is in top position on generic keywords like "accountants", "business accountant" in new york, new jersey and other cities.

The program is developed in PHP and I am using following query to run.[--lang--]&num=[--num--]&q=[--keyword--]&start=[--start--]&cr=country[--country--]&as_qdr=all

Above query works fine to find out the keyword positions on country level. I need to find out the keywords city level or state level.

any idea? What query to use and how to get the keyword positions city/state level?

There must be a way, as I used various tools like serpfox and others which gives keyword position based on the city selected.

Your effort will be highly appreciated !