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Thread: Newbie question Bilingual site file setup

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    Unhappy Newbie question Bilingual site file setup


    I want to create a bilingual website.

    I forgot how to structure it

    I guess two copies of the site.. by pressing a language button on the homepage takes you to the other language version of the site.

    What would my file structure look like? so I can organise things on my host... index.html.. etc.

    Help, going crazy.


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    The only way I know how to do this is by creating two websites.

    You could place on the index.html the selection of the language. By choosing, redirect to the correct site.

    Example directory structure:

    | - index.html
    | | - english site
    | - french site


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    Thanks Jaydie!

    yes I think there is a need to create two websites..

    However I want it to go straight into the website (say the default website www.whatever.com/index) was in French.

    Then you can press a little button (saying english) on the French website and it goes and shows the homepage (english site www.whatever.com/en/index)

    Getting there

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    So what's the problem, just have the english version of the site in your en folder and the french site in your root directory. Alternatively you could use babelfish but sometimes they mess the grammar up. Here is this thread in French.
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    Hi Lavalamp,

    Yes, have the english version in my EN folder and french in root.

    Will have a go!

    Only small worry is if I need to duplicate graphics i.e. graphics for both french root and same graphics in the EN folder.

    Not major.. will trial and error.

    But yes thats the way Lavalamp.

    Just wanted to confirm my thinking was ok.

    Many Thanks.

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    When I developed a bilingual site, I simply added an "_x" with x being either "e" or "f" to denote english or french... so for example... I'd have contact_e.html and contact_f.html

    As long as you follow a naming standard like this, you shouldn't find any problems... and this could also go for the naming of your gifs. Then you wouldn't need 2 folders... you could have all your files in one folder that accessed just one image folder, therefore eliminating the need to copy your gifs. If your gifs contain text, label them as such... clickme_e.gif and clickme_f.gif

    Just a little thing I used and it worked out well... Hope this helps!!

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