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Thread: Tired of me yet?

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    Tired of me yet?

    If you look at http://www.americredit.com/Customers/refer_a_friend.asp

    We have a script like this, (needing it for much more than just spreading the word), and we need it because the script allows the company to input their own text file (sales pitch) in the email along with the users comments. Does this have something to do with "include virtual or file" command......be easy on me, I'm just a girl...hee hee

    Someone in this forum re-wrote the script that I had done and told me that it should work....could you look at it and tell me what I am doing wrong or simply what I am not doing at all. I am using MS Frontpage 2002, I know...I know...that's two strikes against me, however, I have a cgi bin and also a aspnet_client folder..........WHAT IS THE ASP FOLDER? Please help....remember, lamens terms, basic 1,2,3 instructions...hee hee

    If you look at the above address, you'll see how the script works.
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