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Thread: Making link to different CSS's dynamic

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    Exclamation Making link to different CSS's dynamic

    I have 3 different CSS files: DesignA.css, DesignB.css, and DesignC.css. I want to display a particular page with one of these CSS's depending upon a table field 'Design' and it's respective value 'A' 'B' or 'C'.

    I am currently programming this application in JavaScript/ASP (I am new at coding).

    So I was just looking for some code to put into <link rel=stylesheet href="/path/<dynamic code here>" type="text/css">

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Making link to different CSS's dynamic

    Originally posted by mangeloni
    Any ideas?
    You'll probably get more and better answers asking in the JavaScript and/or ASP section, since the solution this is not a CSS related question.
    // Stefan Huszics

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    i agree with you Stefan this is an ASP question, still to keep answers to questions in the same thread i will answer this one here, sorry if posting in wrong forum .

    pull your values from the database and then write value to variable

    designletter = rs("design")
    <link rel=stylesheet href="/path/design<%=designletter%>.css type="text/css">

    hope this helps

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