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Thread: Emulate Mac on PC?

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    Emulate Mac on PC?


    I've searched here and found plenty of threads for emulating PC on Mac, but is it possible to do the opposite?

    Can we install, or emulate, Safari or Mac IE5.2 on PC?

    Are there any internet resources that would provide screenshots of how a site would appear in Mac, or even other browsers?

    Do NS and Moz appear the same on Mac as they do for PC?

    I spoke to the current Uni instructor for webdesign if there were any 'testing stations' at the Uni for browser-compatibility. Of course there isn't, but his advice wasn't to test for browser-compatibility, although important, it isn't as important as ensuring the design works on both PC and Mac.

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    The one I know, posted by someone else around here a while ago, is iCapture wich lets you see screenshots of your page loaded in Safari 1.2 and ieCapture lets you see it in several versions of PC browsers [Although ieCapture is not finished, it works great!].

    To emulate a mac on a PC system using windows there are no good options that i know, a couple resurces are Emulators and vMac, both emulate very old versions of MacOS.

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