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Thread: Can We Trace Emails ?

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    Exclamation Can We Trace Emails ?


    can someone tell me is tracing emailS possible?
    i'm frequently receiving chain mails from my friends.
    it says that by forwarding this mail to someone, a sender will be honoured with cash for as many as he sent. But i'm mostly getting mails like someone is afftected by a disease, help them by fwding this mail. if we do so some company will take care of the treatment charges.
    Now i would like to know the technical possibilities of tracing emails. how one can trace chain emails?
    is it possible??

    Prakash SD
    Digital Designer
    Athene Softech,India

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    Well, if you visit my friend Mike's site: http://www.spywareinfo.com/ there'll probably be a link somewhere of how to protect yourself better. Basically you have to look at the full e-mail headers.

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    Only the last sender will have any details in the headers and, if they aren't forged, they'll tell from where it originated.

    Try SamSpade

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    Mails like this is usually sent via mailservers that relay messages. Such mailservers are heavily abused to send spam on the net.

    If you want to stop such mails from reaching both you as well as others you can track down the mailservers and report them to this place.

    // Stefan Huszics

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    We Cant

    It is not possible to trace e-mail. Had it been possible then any e-mails received won't be considered authentic. Nobody would rely on emails and emails would not exist at all.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sujoy Adhikary

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    ... getting mails like someone is afftected by a disease, help them by fwding this mail. if we do so some company will take care of the treatment charges...
    Any company would NEVER wish to be so associated with this type of marketing ploy, trust me.
    This is one of the biggest hoaxes on the planet, the Bill Gates/Disney "forward" chain. It is a virtual 'KillRoy' that only self-perpetuates and does nothing but clog bandwidth, e-mail boxes and slow down the internet. And it is 100% fake. But as long as the gullible continue to send/re-send/FW/FRWD/ this, it will live.
    Some crafty people snag these and 'harvest' the names on the TO, FWD, CC and BCC and sell or place these e-addies on SPAM lists. If you 'forward' these, your e-mail address is 'taken' and YOU are now on many SPAM-lists. -Enjoy.

    So, ignore these "forwarded: FWD: FWs" and stop being part of the problem. And get some spam protection software.
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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