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Thread: How create a line between images

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    How create a line between images


    I would like to know if it is possible with javascript to create a line between images. The point is that I don't know exactly the way to go.
    Should I keep differents images of a line(horizontal, diagonal,vertical) in a div or?? The point is that I don't know in advance where images which have to be linked to each other will be placed in my page.

    Or maybe there is a javascript function which allow us to create a line between images(for exemple u have 2 images img1 and img2; u click on img1 and after u click on img2 and then a line appear between both images)

    Any ideas???
    thank U

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    Here is just a trivial solution to draw a line, but I don't like it very much.

    As you will see : for vertical lines it does'nt work correctly and for large distance, it takes time to compute the line !!!

    In fact, I am seeking a solution to manage directly the pixel. But there is no Javascript solution as the building of a Web page is a "text oriented" process !

    So enjoy it and "BONNE CHANCE"

    alame (21/04/2004)
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