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Thread: Feedback form please help

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    Unhappy Feedback form please help

    Hi there,

    I'm fairly new to this. My ISP doesn't support perl, or PHP, so I'm kinda limited in my choices write a feedback form.

    I wrote one in VBScript, but someone told me that it was an unsecure language to script in because e-mails could be spoofed too easily.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a secure way to write a feedback form on a w2k server?

    Which language should I be using?

    Are there any extra security measures to take to prevent spoofing?

    Where is a good library of resources for the language I should be using.

    Many thanks


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    ... spoofing? Emails cannot be 'sent' in vbscript, they can be sent with ASP which can be coded in vbscript. That person who told you about spoofing does not sound like a reliable source. There is a chance they were referring to an html form with client side vbscript, but your concern should not be 'spoofing' whatever that is, but rather the fact that only one browser supports it. ASP will be as secure as PHP, it just depends on what measures the person writing it takes to prevent spam, such as not allowing a user to submit more then 2 times in a minute, etc.

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    It wouldnt make the language insecure anyway.. However, since its inception, VBScript has been the language of choice for alot of crackers and virus-writers.. (losers)

    ASP and .NET will do the job fine..


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