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Thread: XP screen capture

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    XP screen capture

    I am perplexed! I am using WinXp and I would like to snatch an image from a .mpeg, by screen capture, and selecting it through a graphics program, something we've all done heaps over the years. Upon pasting the screen capture in a new fireworks 800x600 file, i notice that the actual movie screen has not been reduced in size, therefore you only get 1/3 of the image. If you move the screen capture about in fireworks you can see the other regions of the movie as though your peering through a key hole. Now this is the most frustrating part, if you export the capture as a .gif or .jpeg and close the windows media player the .gif or .jpeg goes blank! This indicates that it's only saved a path to the win media player.
    How does one make an image file from a .mpeg in WinXP?

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    yes, don't know why this happens, but your solution is to use mpeg software that acutal has a caputre to gif/jpeg funtion built it. I use a program called spruceup for making DVD's, it has a function to capture an image from an mpeg file and stores it as a file. Unlead studio is another program that i know has this function.
    Hope this helps

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