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Thread: multi domain, one ip

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    multi domain, one ip

    well... I am not the first person to ask this, I am sure... but I didnt want to post in some old thread...

    so, if I have a static IP address and a webserver running (2003), I know I can run more than one website, but do all of my sites need to be subdomains or can I have different FQDN's on one host?

    its likely a good policy not to run more than one domain on a machine, so, in that event, I have 3 servers for this; 2003, 2000 and a linux slackware host... just in case, but do I need them to do this?

    I am kinda thinking this is one of those DNS forward lookup things to get it setup.. but unsure atm....

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    You should be able to set up your server to work with multiple FQDNs; in Apache you can use virtual hosts and I presume there is similar functionality in IIS. Note that this requires your users to have a HTTP/1.1 compliant browser (the vast majority do) since HTTP/1.0 doesn't support virtual hosting.

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