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Thread: blocking popup ads on your site

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    Question blocking popup ads on your site

    When my site is looked up on any random computer the same popup ad comes up, I have asked many people about how to stop this but no suggestion helps.

    any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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    You can't if your host is a free host and they choose to put ads on there. You could possibly make their code fail with some js, but it would violate the hosts TOS and get your account removed.

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    what i found looking through the code was dynamimation code. with the onload tag and also a iframe tag at the bottom of the page. I did not see this at first because it is not on the index page put on one of 5.

    with my provider i get free space with my internet package and they have said they do not put up popups etc

    so now the problem is i cannot remove all of this code. it looks like this: onload="dynAnimation()" and is all over the cade

    when i go to delete it, it cmes back when save is pressed.

    any suggestions to get rid of it now that i have found it?

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    IIRC, this code is added by MS Frontpage if you use certain features (I presume it refers to "dynamic animation"). Check the documentation to see if that describes how to remove it, or see if there is an option in Frontpage. Alternatively, you could switch to a better editor.

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