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Thread: New SEO Ranking and Learning Tool

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    New SEO Ranking and Learning Tool

    New SEO ranking tool just made available!If you are not a search engine geek, then click away, this may bore you to tears.... but if you are interested in search engine rankings, then read on...

    A new ranking research and analysis tool from the people who gave us ThumbShots, those little screen shots of web sites that are tied to DMOZ.org and are made available for free, have created a SEO tool that compares results between several search engines and does so in a visual way, so that you can instantly see how a URL ranks across two different systems and the position on each.

    It also allows you to see what the other sites are in the ranking and their positions. And you can see lines that run between the same pages on different systems. So if one page for "seo" is #2 on Google and the same page is #12 on Yahoo there will be line running between them.

    One of the things you can do with this tool is see how your page ranks on two systems now and make changes and see how those changes affect the ranking on both sites. Try this free tool out and I think you will find it very interesting.

    On this sample screenshot, we checked for our Consultant Directory on Google and Yahoo for the phrase "Consultant Directory". The image shows our site links in red. Amazingly, we are listed as #3 at Google and #2 in Yahoo...! I did not know that. I guess we are doing something right...?

    Very cool tool. Check it out.

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    These rankings are very nice and there are many too.

    are these ratings matter in an website promotion.


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