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Thread: Excel Software Search- help me out

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    Question Excel Software Search- help me out

    Right now i'm trying to cataloge a contact list for use in one of my Real Estate databases. The Contact list can be easily exported into MS Excel (*.crv), and edited as I see fit.

    The problem is that my database has somewhere in the area of 17,000 contacts... many of which are duplicates.
    You can see how it'd literally take an eternity to manually sort out all the duplicate contacts.

    Anyone know of any programs (hopefully freeware) that can search an Excel Spreadsheet and weed out (or at the very least, bring to my attention) duplicate contact records?

    I'd be much oblidged to any help anyone can offer.

    Thanks Guys

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    I've had to do this in a past job.

    You have Excel, do you have MS Access? This would be fairly easy to do in Access. 2 features that you could use is find/delete duplicates, and append.

    if you have a unique identifyer for each person (Customer ID, SSN, etc.)...then it'd be pretty simple, but if all you have is last name, first Mi, and street address, etc. then you'll have a few potential issues to think about when setting up your criteria for the search/delete:

    [list=1][*]same name, but different addresses (people moving, or different people)[*]same address, but different name (change of marital status, or different people)[/list=1]

    because I don't know the content of your list...I'm not sure if these 2 circumstances would apply.

    hope this helps a bit

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