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Thread: ASP and Excel(?!)

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    Jersey Girl

    ASP and Excel(?!)

    The more time I spend in this forum, the more I realize how little I know!

    I was checking out the posts on all of the boards and I came across a question (in HTML / Forms and Databases) concerning updating an Excel spreadsheet via ASP.

    The reply to the question suggested switching to Access instead.

    My question is, CAN you update a spreadsheet using ASP?

    I have the connection string and SQL statement to update an Access DB, how would I modify them to update an Excel spreadsheet?


    (this forum is really starting to blow my mind. I LOVE you guys!)

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    another alternative you may want to consider (though probably not entirely sensible) - if you're au fait with access and updating tables and so on that way, then you can link an excel table to access from within access. Then you can get to it from your asp page in the same way that you got to your access database.

    I used that once cos i didnt have the time to be learning how to connect to all the different types of data sources using asp - so i just linked them all into my database file in access!

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    Oh, I am sooo thankful for the responses coming from 2 of this forum's Masters (one Certified, the other Supreme. I love it!)!

    Your suggestions sent me off to Google for some answers, and my search landed me in the lap of the MrExcel forum. Hopefully someone over there can provide me with the proper Excel driver (though that's gonna require that the server that I use has it installed though, right? Hmmmm. More worries).

    Anyway, Dave (our right honorable Certified Master), the whole ADODB.Stream object (and updating the stream) thingy went over my head like an F15 flyby - WHOOOOSH! This girl knows her Excel, but... "the internal format of an Excel file"? Color me clueless (lol!). Maybe I'll drop that one on the MrExcel gurus just to test 'em (wink).

    And, jpmoriarty (our right honorable Supreme Master - and also know as John), I really DO need to take the time to learn how to link Excel data to a table in Access (I'm a bit embarassed that I don't already know how to do it). And since it will increase my ability to obtain even more data for web distribution, I gotta have that knowledge!
    And, as we all know:

    Sub Master()
    Dim khaki, knowledge, power as Integer
    If (knowledge = power) And (power = knowlege) Then
    Msg = "khaki would be the Master!"
    Msg = "khaki hits the forums"
    End If
    MsgBox Msg
    End Sub

    (That's for all of the old-school Excel fans out there. And you'll notice that I "Dim"ed khaki first. I did it on purpose, so no wiseguys need comment. lol!)

    So anyway, I've gone off point (waaaay off! ...sorry)
    But Thank you guys soooo much!
    And if you guys think that it will help others, I'll post whatever I learn from the MrExcel gurus (let me know if you think that I should).
    (oh, Dave and John, your titles are safe. I would be the Web Mistress. lol! Now how do I get that posted nest to MY profile? lol!)
    My best

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    I dont know when that got added there - it wasnt there last time i looked! And i assume it just goes on the number of posts that you make - so just keep in there and you'll get there too. It does sound nice though doesnt it!

    On the linking to excel front, just be careful - i think one of the reasons that it's not very common is becasue by its nature ASP pages are designed to be used by lots of people at the same time (all viewing, editing adding, updating, querying data etc). Excel however is really designed to be used by one person at a time, and therefore you might find that there are problems with the spreadsheet "locking out" when more than one person is trying to look at the page - it mightnt be a problem if you're just viewing data, but it will be if people are trying to add to the spreadsheet at all.

    The other thing is that if you've looked at sql statements at all, you'll notice that they can be pretty powerful - some of the queries and stuff, updates etc all happens at the database - it's not the ASP that's doing it, it's the database. For that reason you'll get much more out of using a database, and if you use something like MySQL, SQL server or access then you get around the multiple users problem too.

    Just remember - having access to the data through the web is a great thing, but it's greatness decreases pretty quickly if you start having versioning clashes...

    and thanks for your kind words too!

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    you popped up in one of my other haunts!! Hope I'm not breaking any rules, but i replied here

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    Hi Dave -
    You've always been one of my favorites in these forums, and then you go and tell me that your the son of a Marine.

    Major points there!
    (Your Dad is in good hands - God takes care of his Marines).

    I got your back - anybody messes with you, they gotta deal with us both!

    (and now if it's revealed that Charles has some Leatherneck connection, I won't know what to do with myself. lol!).

    HEY!... Before I let you off the hook...
    CALIFORNIA VALLEY GIRL?!!!!! What are you trying to do - RUIN ME?!!! I was a California desert (b)rat. Death Valley maybe - San Fernando Valley never! Oh Dave... I'm a native Jersey Girl, and they'll run me out of the state if that makes the rounds. I better go rent My Cousin Vinny and The Sopranos and get my edge back (Ha!).

    Well I better get out of here now. This doesn't have anything to do with ASP or Excel and I don't need to make myself any enemies.

    Thanks for all the help you've provided, and I'll see you on the boards.
    Semper Fi

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    ...suggest that you two may want to continue this in private? Try using the "mail me" or "PM me" buttons in each other's profiles.

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    Jersey Girl
    The right honorable jpmoriarty is correct, and I apologize to the members of this forum for taking the matter so far off-point.

    I understand that people subscribe to these threads, and I should not just empty the contents of my head into every post.

    My SINCERE apologies to all.
    I have been justifiably humbled.

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