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Thread: Confused about Domain Registration

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    Confused about Domain Registration

    Okay, I thought that registering a domain would be simple....

    First off, which domain registrars are available that DO NOT require you to purchase one of THEIR webhosting packages to upload web content?

    I mean I've looked at several (like hostaway) that will allow just a domain registration, but won't actually allow anything uploaded unless you use one of their packages.

    Two, if I already have webspace, how can I buy a domain name seperately and have it function WITHOUT domain forwarding? A better question is, how do domain registrars set the domain name to your webspace?

    Three, if I want to register a domain name now, but don't buy a webhosting package (or even build my own server) until later, how is this done? (In relation to questions above.)

    Four, what is domain transfer? Why does it cost so much? Is this a transfer between domain registrars or between webhosting? Can domains be transfered between webspace?

    Five, how can godaddy, hostaway and others offer domain registration for under $10 USD, but registrars such as register.com and domain.com ask $30+ USD? Why the huge price difference? What is the best (average) price that should be paid?

    Six, are email and subdomains related to domain registration or webhosting? Looking around I notice that most domain registrars don't offer these. So, as asked above, if I buy the domain name seperate of the webhost, do the webhoster simply apply the package to the domain name?

    Seven, what are the pros and cons of registering a domain name seperate of the webhosting company?

    And finally, can you suggest some domain registrars that best suit the above questions?

    It maybe a good idea just to create a Domain Registration FAQ sticky on this forum, so that others don't ask the same questions. (For example, asking for domain registrars ).
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    ok im not an expert at this so i'll do the best i can to answer most of you questions.
    (i numbered them the way u did)
    1) i dont really understand what you mean by being able to upload something without getting hosting, a register, typically, will give u the name and the ability to use that name with a webhost, whether you are hosting it or someone else is it shouldnt matter. Most registers however will automaticly create a page on the domain name you register as soon as you buy it, (usally saying someone bought it from them and it will be here soon) this page is replaced by your website as soon as the domain names foward, which takes about 2-5 days (after you tell it what name servers to foward it to)

    2) Ok i also dont understand how you can use a domain name without fowarding it, firstoff domain fowarding is free and comes with your domain name, i also believe you can change the address it fowards to an infinate amount of times. how they set it to your webspace.....well when you got hosting you should have gotten 'Name Servers ' or ips u can use. the Name Servers i believe are an address, the registering company fowards the name of your web address (ie yourdomain.com) to the hosting company's name servers. this process takes a few days because it has to "propigate" to all of the registering companies (it changes the information on a whois search for a domain).... to make a long story short, you put in the panel that your registering service gives you the "name servers" of your web hosting account, the rest is automated and within a few days your name is applied to the webhosting account!

    3) many registers let you just buy a domain name-the hosting is usally encouraged by them but is alot of the times optional. for instance i use omnis for my domain name but mthoodhosting for my hosting.

    4) ok when you transfer a domain name its between registers, but you can often transfer it from a register to hosting if the new hosting has their own registering service. cost is dependand on who you are transfering from and to, it is completly up to those companies

    5) why some registers charge more than others? who knows, i believe they charge what they think people will pay, thats all. but some registers offer more options with your account i believe, hence more $$. i typicly go with a cheepest register, especially if you have heared good things about them - but that is 100% a matter of opinion, and everyone will tell you something different

    6) this one im not sure about, my hosting gives me my emails and subdomains but im not sure about other registers and hosts, again i believe it probably depends on who you get it from

    7) i wouldn't register my domain with my host. i have heard horror stories of people who try to leave their host and are stuck paying huge fees to transfer the domain as well

    8) best domain register. my opinion there isn't one, somewhere somehow someone will love and someone will hate a register, its part luck and part figuring out how many more good stories are their over horror stories with a register

    i hope this helps, and i hope all the info is correct, if not im incredibly sorry and im sure someone else will correct me anyhow

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    check this

    check this site



    they are good service at cheap offers.

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