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Thread: NTLM Woes

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    NTLM Woes

    Hello all, here's an update...

    I have a testing account on my domain. I've set its IE security settings for Intranet Zones to Low, and granted the Everyone group NTFS Read + Read & Execute + List Folder Contents on the site's root folder (which is inherited by all the subfolders & files).

    I access the site by typing in 'http://suspenses', so no periods in the URL or whatnot.

    If I try to access the site under this test account, I am prompted for credentials a number of times, then returned a 401.3 error.

    The default page that I attempt to access does not call any graphics, stylesheets, SSIs or what not. It is a static ASP page with no server-generated content whatsoever.

    What I have learned, though, is that by trying to access an ASP file, I am prompted to enter my credentials. However, if I try to access only an HTML page, BOOM! No problems there.

    Could this be a permissions issue with ASP.DLL or some other system file?

    My WINNT folder has the Everyone group listed as having Read + Read & Execute + List Folder Contents, as does the IUSR_<computername> account.

    Past that, I have not found any useful information through Microsoft or Google searches.

    If anyone can contribute some info to my pursuit of a seamless, authenticated application, please do!

    As always, thanks to all who take the time to read

    - Rob

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    The privileges required to access your site are the privileges assigned to the pseudo-user that "runs" the web server, not the privileges related to the user making the HTTP request. There's a boatload of info on MSDN related to exactly what the file system rights need to be to run IIS/ASP.

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