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Thread: Please review my site

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    Somerset Uk

    Thumbs up Please review my site


    Hi i am new at this web design game and would really like some reviwes of my site.
    I am sure some constructive reviews will make me realize i still have a lot to learn.
    All coments good and bad are most welcome.
    Fancy a trip to florida

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    Sorry to say, but it is poor website.

    you must have designed after learning well in HTML And other programming languages.


    So Change the site webdesign into new one.

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    Mar 2004
    Somerset Uk
    Well thats a start, so far all i have learned is html from a book.

    A bit more constructive would help so i can improve the site.

    Ie what is so poor and what do you suggest.

    But many thanks for taking them time to look.

    Hope some more will.
    Fancy a trip to florida

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    I feel, for learning how to make websites a personal site is best to start with, not a business. However, if you want to run a business, and you're ready to start the business, you may want to hire someone, but I'm _not_ speaking for experience, so I'm probably wrong

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    Mar 2004
    Somerset Uk
    HI my first site was more personal for a viila we rent out in Florida.

    This site has worked so well i thought i would try a shop as i sell all these items the old fashioned way.

    Thanks any more responses please.

    if you wish to see the 1st site the address is below.


    Fancy a trip to florida

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    No offence but the web address you have gave us for review, are horibile looking, try using somthing like FrontPage or Word. These programs are easy to use.

    Base your webpage using tables, and use borderless borders! they look more nicer, and please don't use Times New Roman its a horrible font for Webpages, try using Arial or Tahoma 8pt not 12pt.

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    Ok, Dera, not to be offensive, but I beleive every one of those points are wrong.

    Both Frontpage and Word output IE-proprietary, invalid, and excessive code. XHTML and HTML should be hand coded on notepad, most (if not all) editors output invalid, and overall bad code.

    Tables shouldn't be used for layout. Dera, haven't you ever heard of semantics? Tables are for tabular data _not_ layouts. CSS should be used to present your site, and xhtml to structure your site.

    The correct term would be no borders, not borderless borders, btw. And while new fonts should be used, the page needs a whole redesign in my opinion, so fonts aren't the issue right now.

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    haven't you ever heard of semantics?
    no i havnt heard of sematics im only 14 yo can u please explain it?

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    Well, I'm 13, and I have. Your site violates quite a few rules for websites.

    I think, basically, rather than ranting about accesibility, semantics here, I've summed it up in your shoutbox... well my opinions anyways. And to sum up accesibility, btw: you can't even view your site in Firefox, Dera. And while I may've been very harsh (I posted under my 'own' name, and only under my 'own' name- lol Omega isn't my real name obviously) it was due. Anyways, if anyone wants to do a nice schpeil on accesibility, I'm too tired to do it *laziness*, even though I should as I brought it up. And, anyways, this isn't about Dera's site, so let's get back on topic
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    hey wtf does my website have to do with this, I was never offencive to you, u have issues. Writing offencive material on my website is not the way to go, i was giving u my pov

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    Hey calm down lads its my web site you are supposed to be comenting on not destroying everbody else`s hard work.

    As for front page that is for kids i am buliding my sites with html and will go on to use dreamwever & flash as i learn more.

    Please keep the comments coming.
    Fancy a trip to florida

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    I would recommend purchasing a logo and a template from a web design company to get you started, and then using your HTML skills to eleaborate on that. That way you will get a good looking site for a minimal investment; for example, for a template and logo I would typically charge no more than $50 - or if your budget is very small, ready made template sites can offer some for only $10 or less.
    You can then use the template to create your site without having to worry about the design, just the functionality. Unless you're confident, you might want to hire out, or find help with, components like comments boxes and reviews on products, as well as the final checkout process.
    I don't mean to be offensive, especially if this is only your first site, but unless you can make your site look rather more professional then you are unlikely to get much interest from customers.

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    Originally posted by dera
    no i havnt heard of sematics im only 14 yo can u please explain it?
    The Magical Semantecs Man

    BTW, I just found a little 'hidden feature' on Zeldman's site. Click and hold about half way up his titlebar(where the woman and stuff is) and drag your mouse down the page. I'm guessing he put that text there for non-CSS browsers, but he should've used Shea's image replacement, which would work much better.
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    i agree with cijori, but if you want an only ok site im sure one or more people in this forum might be willing to do something basic for free, myself included....pm me if you are interested (i would do it free because it would be good practice, not because of any catch or anything)

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    Instead of telling you how terrible your site looks, I'd like to say that you've started where you could and done what you can, and that is worthy of recognition, whether or not the result is aethetically pleasing or standards compliant. However, like all beginnings, it is not perfect and therefore is in need of modification. To begin with, all of your documents ought to begin with a document type defition (DTD). This exclusively case-sensetive tag explains to the user agent (browser, for example: internet explorer, mozilla, opera, netscape, safari) how it should render the document. When this tag is not present, each browser will render the document according to its default DTD. This tag is required by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As you may have guessed, there is more than just one DTD, so your question now may be, "which one do I use?" or "where is a list?" I have provided a link to show you a list of them; this page will also show you how many there are. You should use whichever one your version of HTML or XHTML corresponds with it. (For example, you would use the HTML 4.01 DTD if your document was written in HTML.)

    Once you have done that, you should begin using CSS to layout your page. Eventually you will advance enough with the combination of HTML markup and CSS design to result in a very aeshetically pleasing Web site (examples: http://www.ryanbrill.com/, http://www.mezzoblue.com/, http://www.csszengardenc.om/).

    I hope this helps you on your learning journey to make a beautiful site, yet at the same time an accessible one.
    Visit Slightly Remarkable to see my portfolio, resumé, and consulting rates.

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