I have to do some project for my HTML class unfortunately I won;t be able to do so myself due to personal problems so HOW MUCH do YOU want for making the following project for me >
Objective: The objective of this project is to gain experience in creating HTML data entry forms and using CSS. We will build upon previous knowledge of tables by using a table with the form for alignment of the form elements. We will also upload web pages to your student account at the FCCJ student server.

Step 1. Observe the following HTML container structure:
Note the indenting of structures and vertical spacing of structures.
Edit you code for Project 2 to include indenting of structures and vertical
spacing of structures so you code will be easy to read.



<title> </title>





Step 2. Make sure everything is Project 2 is working. Correct any earlier problems with Project 2 which were reflected in the grade for Project 2. To create Project 5 we will be building on Project 2 by adding a graphical link to a page with a form to take an order. The top-level design will now look like this:

Step 3. Create a CSS external style sheet with arial font for H1, size 48 points, and the color red, font-weight of bold.
Times roman font for H2, size 24 points, and a color of green, font-weight of bold.
Comic Sans MS for H3, size 12 points and a color of blue, font-weight of bold.
Include a specification for body color or background image in the CSS external style sheet.

Step 4. In each of the 5 files Home.html, Products.html, About.html, Order.html, and Technology.html, add a link to your CSS external style sheet. In the <body> tags of each of these pages, remove any background image or color. This will let the CSS control it.

Step 5. Add a link to Order.html from the Home.html page of Project 2. Make sure your graphical button is similar to other buttons for Home, Products, Technology, About. The new button should have the text: Orders.

You should now have 5 navigation buttons on the Home.html page in this order: Home Products Order About Technology. Modify all of the pages to include the same 5 navigation buttons. This will create uniformity for your navigation.

Step 6. For the Orders.html page, include a background image which is different from the background image in the .css external stylesheet fro Step 3. Include a title for the page, and include an animated graphic to add interest to the page.
Create a table within the form (see example code fragment below)
to create an attractive data entry form with the following elements on successive rows of the table:

Title (radio buttons for Dr., Ms., Mr., Mrs.)
First Name
Last Name
State (pull down menu with all the states of the United States)
Postal Code

(Include a graphical horizontal line here. Graphical horizontal likes can be found at free Internet sites such as http://www.ecybers.com/webdesign/horizontallines.htm)

Credit Card (radio buttons for Visa, MC, Discover, American Express)
Name on Credit Card
Month of Expiration Date
Year of Expiration Date

(Include a graphical horizontal line here)

Item 1 (selection list with all of your products from Project 2 listed)
Unit Cost
Total Cost

Item 2 (selection list with all of your products from Project 2 listed)
Unit Cost
Total Cost

Item 3 (selection list with all of your products from Project 2 listed)
Unit Cost
Total Cost

Merchandise Total (excluding S & H)

(Include a graphical horizontal line here)

Shipping Method (radio buttons for UPS Ground, 2nd Day Air, Priority
Comments (text area with 4 rows and 60 columns)
Send Catalog? (radio buttons for Yes and No)

(add side-by-side buttons for Submit Order and Cancel Order here)

Step 6 example code fragment:

<form method=”post” action=”mailto:your e-mail address here” >

<table border=”0”>


<input type=”radio” name=”title” value=”dr”>Dr.

<input type=”radio” name=”title” value=”ms”>Ms.

<input type=”radio” name=”title” value=”mr”>Mr.

<input type=”radio” name=”title” value=”mrs”>Mrs.



<td>First Name</td>

<td> <input name=”first_name” size=”30” maxsize=”80”> </td>


Step 7. Add a paragraph description for each of your technology links on the Technology.html page of Project 2.

Step 8. If your received less than 100 points on Project 2, fix all the things that were wrong.

Step 9. Upload all the new and modified files for this project to your student account.

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