hey there,
i have a page divided into 2 frames. I have a linked images on the 1st frame . Those images swap from inactive (img1_inactive.gif) to active when mouse is over (onmouseOver action) and gets back to inactive state (img1_active.gif) when mouse out (onmouseOut action). And there's some xxx.htm file that loads on the 2nd frame - the .htm file loads depending on the image CLICKED in the 1st frame. Everything's pretty easy,

BUT here's what i would like to do:

when u click on the image it loads the .htm on the 2nd frame AND remains as ACTIVE (img1_active.gif), plus 'loses' the link (when you go over it with the mouse) - like if there was just <img src="img1_active.gif"> tag with no link or swapping possibility (i.e. no <a> tag and certain functions get inactive). When u go over another image and lick on it - 2nd frame gets reloaded and img1 gets back to 'normal' state again, but the clicked image 'freezes'.... etc - the loop closes

would be perfect if the script worked on both IE and NN (starting from 4.x)

i believe you can solve this puzzle