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    I'm looking for some forums created in ASP.NET for a community based site for my local town. The forums would need to be free, and I need to integrate the forums with the rest of my site (for example, users registered at my site would be automatic members of the forums as well), so they would need to be pretty open source.

    Are there any as good a the new vBulletin forums? I know theres the ASP.NET Forums, and I have the beta of them, but its not very reliable and is having problems working with my SQL Server 2000.

    Any information on some good forums (and like I said, they need to be free!) would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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    are two ok ones, not many good open source free ones because .net is still pretty new. There are a few good ones that run from a .dll but that will not help you. You might end up needing to make this yourself. I am going to redo my forum, because it is crap, once that happens I will probably release source code because after I redo it, it will be decent. But that will not happen until after all of my other projects are done.

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