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Thread: How to use Firefox on any computer, without installing

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    How to use Firefox on any computer, without installing

    I sent this info to a member of these forums...but I thought everyone might like to know about this, especially those among us...like myself..who can't install Firefox at work.

    the basics is...you get a USB drive card, doesn't have to be big...firefox itself takes up less then 20mb. download ff onto it, either the zip folder and extract or the installer and install.

    FF will work off of the usb drive...it won't, however, allow you to save favorites and customize the toolbars...because ff is coded to use the profile folder on the c drive. I personally have not figured out how to fix that, I'm sure there has to be a way...but I don't know it yet.

    for more info on this technique, go here:

    Firefox forums discussion

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    I don't know it might be possible to spool it directly from CD-ROM I used to do with GhostZilla a few years back. The USB solution is easier if you have the equipment. I think I even ran Mozilla 1.6 off a CD-ROM.

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    Originally posted by lavalamp
    I can't comment on the FF issue since I don't have it at school and the System Admin has banned me from downloading it again.
    When I wrote this I was in the library, the PC's in there are sealed in PC desks, even the monitors are behind glass screens.

    The reason I've been banned from downloading it is because I used the unblocked port to connect to the internet to bypass the annoying school internet login script (I always put it back on the blocked port when I'd finished).
    Then some tw*t also found the unblocked port, set up Firefox to use it and told everyone, it wasn't long before the school had virus' running amok over the network.

    If I were to run it from a USB drive though that would solve the problem, so I think I'll try that.
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