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Thread: Is Google the next Microsoft ?

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    Is Google the next Microsoft ?

    So, is anyone going to buy Google stock when it floats this year ?

    I think there may be short term profits (if anyone can get their head around the so-called Dutch Auction system they plan to use for the sale), but Wall Street was so damaged by the dot.com boom-bust I can't imagine anyone investing for the long term. It will be a case of investing with caution, and pulling out at the first sign of trouble, in my opinion.

    Search technologies come and go. How can Google protect their market share from the upstarts - except by leveraging their immense size, their financial power, and their ability to buy up or ruin the competition until they have a monopoly.

    If the world's investors really do pour 2.7 billion dollars into the business - how long before Google becomes the next Microsoft ?

    Now, THAT'S a scary thought !!!

    I'd appreciate your opinions ... before I call my broker

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    Well there are HUGE differences between the .com boom and google going public.

    Google has proven to everyone that it not only has the eyeballs but it can make a profit.

    A major difference between the .coms of the late '90's, where if they got a million hits a month they filed for an IPO. Who cared if they had no sales model or path to cash.
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    I agree with compguy - Google's business model is based on sound financial performance, rather than intangible intent and perceived market share. And while strong financial performance is the minimum necessary you should consider prior to investment Google also has an extremely strong brand proposition and growing and loyal customer base.

    However, before you call your broker, i'd be cautious of the valuation placed on google. Invest only if you believe google has the potential for growth. Issue prices can vary wildly from an absolute bargain to the only direction for price movement being south.
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    Its just a clever marketing scam they're much cleverer than Microsoft with branding, just take all the people who have their adverts or mini-search engine embedded in their site.

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    goode adsense and google adwords

    Yes google are everywhere !
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