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Thread: Error accessing Web Services - "Connection closed"

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    Error accessing Web Services - "Connection closed"

    We are evaluating Windows Forms in .NET for Presenation Layer. As part of this evaluation we are building different sample prototypes.

    One such is the Smart Client Model OR the No Touch Deployment Model


    Here, the application is developed in 2 parts.
    Sub Application 1: Windows Application built using Windows Forms.
    Sub Application 2: ASP.NET Web Service referenced by Sub Application 1.

    Execution is as follows:

    Any client machine with IE and .NET Framework enters the URL of the Sub Application 1 in IE Address bar as follows:

    The Sub Application 1 (ApplicationName.exe) is downloaded to the Download Cache (part of GAC) and launched on the desktop. The browser can be closed thereafter. In the First Screen on click of a button, there is a call to Sub Application 2 (Web Service) for server side processing (business logic and data logic). On the intranet the entire application works fine.

    But on the internet it fails. Details are:
    - The Server hosting the Applications has a Real IP.
    - The Client accesses the Server through a dial up.

    The Sub Application 1 (URL) is granted Trust in the Security Permissions as part of the Client .NET Configuration (made as a Trusted Assembly). The First Screen is displayed. On click of a button, the call to the Web Service fails with the Exception:

    "System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server."

    Articles on the Web attribute this problem to Proxy, DNS, Firewall etc. But we haven't found a solution.

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Underlying connection closed- Smart Client

    Hi Chetan,

    Hope you have resolved this issue. If yes, kindly post the solution as i am facing exactly the same problem and it needs to be resolved asap.

    Thanks in advance

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