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Thread: Please review my site

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    Exclamation Please review my site

    I was wondering if some one out there could review my site for me, and please don't be put off by the "Work from homeness" of the the page.

    I am 18, and currently creating and advertising a webpage in the few months before I go to university to study IT, so I consider this good practice.

    http://www.workfromhome-uk.com is the first project of mine (well, my family), and I've tried my best to make it clean, honest and genuine, unlike the HUGE amount of spam and rubbish that fills the internet.

    Could someone review my site's homepage, like the general layout, user experience and techinal aspects of the site for me?

    I have, of course, checked out all the sites I can over the internet with keyword density checkers etc and currently got my homepage PageRank to 3, but nothing beats the opinion of a real user.

    Thanks for your time

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    $ .02

    Not much to it. The page is clean and does load quickly but there is no navigation to other pages on YOUR site. The only links seem to go to other sites. There is one link to another page on your site with testimonials.

    The site isn't bad, but this is basic stuff.

    Just my opinion......

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    Get rid of the table for layout and validate your page. http://validator.w3.org/check?verbos...omhome-uk.com/
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    Yea... it goes to nowhere basically.

    The image at the top looks quite professional though.

    I agree. Get rid of the tables.

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