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    LSA Shell

    Hi, there's probly allready a thread about this, but I couldn't find one. Has anyone else encountered the "LSA Shell" virus? Well, it seems to be getting everyone today(and yesterday). My friend got it, aswell as my dad's entire workplace(they have government computers, so obviously this thing is good at gettin through security), and got ours aswell. Right now, I'm running in safemode, and trying to fix the problem. Has anyone else managed to remove it? If so, what all files do I have to change/remove for my system to be clean again? They had about 20 systems in at the local computer store, with the exact same thing, so if I were to take it in, it would be a long wait. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx,

    Apparently, it's called the Sasser worm(because it messes up the mandatory system process, Isass) and I found information on fixing it here. To be able to have time to download the fix, you will have to be in safemode with networking, or else have at connection presumably faster than DSL(I have a connection similar to DSL, and it only got half done downloading before the virus kicked in and shut down my computer).
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