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Thread: Theatre League site

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    Theatre League site

    I am new to web developing and have two website i am working on
    http://www.poorreflection.com/Rahul/TLSF and http://www.poorreflection.com/Rahul/...oducers_Forum/ I am having trouble making them look professional and on the second one (producers forum) i can't figure out a navigation with the 12 months of the year. help! thanx for feedback

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    $ .02

    I think the site looks professional. The first link is clean and loads fast (VERY IMPORTANT).

    I like the color scheme you have going on there it is easy on the eyes and contrasts well.

    Probably the only thing that I can see negative about the site is your vlink color. It blends in with the background. You might want to change that to a lighter color.

    Just my opinion.....

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    Thanx for the input!
    when you mentioned the vlink color, which site were you talking about and what would u suggest?

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